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ERP implementation and support

NAS offers ERP implementation and after-sales support services to its clients in Abu Dhabi and Ras al- Khaimah,UAE. With years of experience in the field of ERP, NAS has a systematic and guided ERP implementation approach that allows our professionals to execute the process in the most organized and efficient way.

We offer assistance starting with formulation of the ERP strategy, selection of the right type of ERP for your organization and the implementation and support. Our staff members are professionally trained to help you with the ERP implementation and support. We make sure that all the work we do takes place in a streamlined approach and for that we sit together with our clients and discuss about the various areas that could be affected because of the implementation and then finally provide the needed recommendations and suggestions so that the other areas of a company is not affected.

Our ERP implementation and support service includes

Integrated, enterprise-wide common tools, processes and system. Structure that can be leveraged to all operational processes.
Financial compliance Single data source for both product as well as service information.
Greater access to corporate data

Benefits of our ERP implementation and support service

Access corporate data effectively to manage projects Make correct decisions at crucial levels for the success.
Centralized buying as well as sales model is implemented Automation facilitates the accuracy of data, forecasting and budgeting
Use of single base of information meant for billing Overall improvement of service levels
Use an integrated database to manage multiple module applications.

Our ERP services are reviewed constantly and changes are made to integrate modules which further help your business to grow. With our ERP implementation services we offer a proper environment to your business to flourish. The information related to your business is maintained in a constant and consistent manner for the well-integrated cooperation of various depts. in your organization.