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HR Audit

The people in an organization are the prime factor of success of any organization. They have to be effectively allocated and engaged in various affairs of business for effective management. Many companies are implementing innovative practices to motivate and retain their talented pool. It has to be assured by a systematic audit procedure which is called HR audit that is deliberate and detailed analysis of HR standards and polices.

Recruitment, training, compensation, conflict management and motivation all these are common functions of Human resource management. All these functions/activities have to be reviewed and evaluated in order to ensure the efficient HR policies and management system. HR Audit is done to evaluate HR policies and practices in the company and also to evaluate how effective and accurate the services are. HR strategies are analyzed in order to draw up the most appropriate plans to keep the employees happy and satisfied so as to retain them in the company for years.

NAS has been the leading HR Auditors in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah, UAE who provides business firms in UAE with a clear indication of where it stands in the current employee scenario highlighting specific opportunities for change to improve HR policies.

Our services include

Verification of Master Data with Personal File or any other excel sheet. Verify Employee Manual and suggest alterations
Verification of Joining date / Confirmation date. Verification of salary data with accounts
Sample checking of verifying proof of investments. Verifying leave records with Leave Register / Access machine reports. Reporting structures / authorizing manager.
Check transfers with respect to historical HR data entered, dates etc. Check resigned employees and the Full & Final procedure processes, computations
Verify Organizational Structure and make changes accordingly Verify Job profiles and suggest alterations.
Proper audit of all documents to be maintained for legal compliance. Performance Appraisal methods and suggestions.

HR audits conducts by NAS ensures better focus and direction for a higher satisfactory level of operation in the HR functions of your company. It will also facilitate higher compliance with HR policies and procedures leading to satisfied workforce in your firm.