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IT services & Others

Leading IT solution provider in UAE offering your company a support and service contract to keep your business systems running at peak performance

ERP Implementation & Support

NAS Chartered Accountants offers ERP implementation and after-sales support services to its clients in Abu Dhabi and Ras al- Khaimah,UAE. With years of experience in the field of ERP, NAS Chartered Accountants has a systematic and guided ERP implementation approach that allows our professionals to execute the process in the most organized and efficient way.

We offer assistance starting with formulation of the ERP strategy, selection of the right type of ERP for your organization and the implementation and support. Our staff members are professionally trained to help you with the ERP implementation and support. We make sure that all the work we do takes place in a streamlined approach and for that we sit together with our clients and discuss about the various areas that could be affected because of the implementation and then finally provide the needed recommendations and suggestions so that the other areas of a company is not affected.


Our ERP implementation and support service includes

Integrated, enterprise-wide common tools, processes and system.
Structure that can be leveraged to all operational  processes.
Financial compliance
Single data source for both product as well as service information.
Greater access to corporate data

Benefits of our ERP implementation and support service

Access corporate data effectively to manage projects
Make correct decisions at crucial levels for the success.
Centralized buying as well as sales model is implemented
Automation facilitates the accuracy of data, forecasting and budgeting
Use of single base of information meant for billing
Overall improvement of service levels
Use an integrated database to manage multiple module applications.

Our ERP services are reviewed constantly and changes are made to integrate modules which further help your business to grow. With our ERP implementation services we offer a proper environment to your business to flourish. The information related to your business is maintained in a constant and consistent manner for the well-integrated cooperation of various depts. in your organization.

Information Systems & Audit

NAS Chartered Accountants offers information systems Audit in Abu Dhabi by providing audit of Information Systems development, installation, and maintenance costs by qualified staff. We are focused to evaluate economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of Information Systems development, installation, and maintenance. Our audit methodologies are continually developed taking into consideration advancement of science and technology. Our IT audit system ensures that the IT Systems in your organization is reliable and secure in the fast changing business and technology world.



Gives assurance that the systems are adequately protected
Provides reliable information to the users
Get the intended benefits to the overall organizational growth.
Support to reduce risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage, service disruption

The experience and qualified team of auditors in NAS Chartered Accountants are capable of conducting effective IT audit to support the existing team in the client firm. Our IT Audit team conducts a deep risk assessment and audit of an organization’s IT environment to determine the risk factors. We help clients create systems and processes to keep the organizations safe. This is achieved by testing and auditing data back-up procedures to creating rigorous methods which will safeguard information when employees leave the company. We also help to ensure that clients IT systems comply with regulatory requirements. Our emphasis is on ensuring strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Our objective is to ensure that resources of the organization are optimized to deliver maximum possible value.

Our IT auditors also report on IT governance, the ongoing process of aligning information technology goals with strategic business objectives. We advise senior business leaders on how to bring a companys IT strategies into alignment with its business goals.

Management Consultancy

NAS provides Management consultancy for its clients in Abu Dhabi, UAE to enable them to effectively coordinate growth with the quality and the operational challenges faced by them. These future-oriented services aim to bring specialized diagnostic skills in handling a variety of special projects ranging from specific problem solving to long term strategic planning to business process designing to setting up of a control framework. The collaborative approach adopted by us makes it easy to implementation the proposed organizational and process models.



Due Diligence Review
Internal audit
Systems, Process and Control Review
Management Audit of Special Concerns
Business Process Consulting
Designing of Control Systems
Compliance Management Services

NAS Chartered Accountants management consultancy services in Abu Dhabi and Ras al-Khaimah,UAE, are well equipped to assist clients to face challenges, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency to improvement the operations. Our team conducts extensive market research to render the best Management Consultancy Services in UAE in the industry at the most reasonable rates. After conducting adequate market research, we advise the proposed investors regarding feasibility of new business to generate adequate cash flow and net profits, withstand business risk which they will encounter and whether it will remain viable in the long term and whether it will meet their goals as expected by them.

Our professionals can provide a variety of alternatives to cater to our clients needs as we believe in providing tailored approaches suiting best to the specific needs accordingly. We assist our clients to take better business decisions, minimize their costs and mitigate the risks involved in business through expert and experienced management consulting. We can assist with the undertaking of due diligence work to ensure that valuations offered are realistic and sensible. Likewise, if you wish to sell your business or part of the business, we can find out the value of your business.

Business Continuity & Resilience

NAS Chartered Accountants offers Business continuity and resilience services in Abu Dhabi and Ras al-Khaimah,UAE using our practical experience to help our clients build resilience solutions that work in practice by applying this throughout services, from capability reviews to crisis rehearsals. Using the resources of the whole company and expertise we help you integrate resilience into a wider business context, ensuring you are confident and ready for when a crisis hits. Our Business continuity and resilience team has built a unique skill set through development and implementation of processes in a diverse range of sectors. Our experience in the field enables us to develop a sound business resilient strategy along with our clients inputs where critical issues can be managed and identified before they occur.


When analyzing the business scenario over the years, organizations have been subject to multiple risks factor either natural or financial system collapses which directly affects the organization. At these times the organizations capability to withstand the disaster is put to test and their performance after the disaster reflects how proactive there were in ensuring business continuity. Hence, business continuity management has gained priority among organizations and they try to put ensure that reasonable business continuity measures are in place.


Your organization manage through a disaster better than your competitors
The safety of your employees, assets, customers.
Deal with the media if a disaster strikes
Ensure continuity of your business after disaster.
Periodical reviews about the policies and modifications there upon.
Reporting on impact on business

Our team of experienced and qualified auditors work together to ensure plans and systems are integrated and appropriately governed. We take a reality based approach to Business continuity and resilience which is realistic and achievable, aligned to international standards and best practice. We assess the true threats, vulnerabilities and risks associated with the business and try to balance the risk for the Business continuity and resilience.