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Mergers & Acquisitions

NAS specializes in providing the right and accurate guidance and information to our clients for deals, mergers and acquisitions in UAE. We have the safety and financial feasibility of our clients as our top priority. Hence we give utmost importance to develop the right strategy before each deal, SWOT analysis, negotiations and value fixations. Hence our clients are in a better position to work out the most strategically feasible business mergers and acquisitions for them.

The expert team of NAS advises clients from strategy to execution to capturing value post deal. We ensure that our clients are in a better position to expedite their deals, minimize their risks, capture and deliver value to their stakeholders, and quickly return to business as usual. NAS provides advisory services on various negotiation strategies and on deal executions with the potential sellers/buyers keeping your interest safe and foremost.

Our services include

Pre-acquisition review: this would include self-assessment of the acquiring company with regards to the need for M&A, ascertain the valuation and chalk out the growth plan through the target.
Search and screen targets: This would include searching for the possible apt takeover candidates. This process is mainly to scan for a good strategic fit for the acquiring company.
Investigation and valuation of the target: Once the appropriate company is shortlisted through primary screening, detailed analysis of the target company has to be done. This is also referred to as due diligence.
Acquire the target through negotiations: Once the target company is selected, the next step is to start negotiations to come to consensus for a negotiated merger. This brings both the companies to agree mutually to the deal for the long term working of the M&A.
Post merger integration: If all the above steps fall in place, there is a formal announcement of the agreement of merger by both the participating companies.

M&A's are considered as important change agents and are a critical component of any business strategy. The known fact is that with businesses evolving; only the most innovative and nimble can survive. That is why, it is an important strategic call for a business to opt for any arrangements of M&A. Mergers and Acquisitions can generate cost efficiency through economies of scale and enhance the revenue through gain in market share. It is also beneficial for financial leveraging.